Exit Trance presents CM Trance – Pre-release Info

Exit Trance presents CM Trance
Release Date: 10/1/08
Price: 1905 yen

Quake continue their quest to make trance covers of everything. As its name implies, CM Trance will feature trance covers of popular television commercial songs. It seems to be limited to Japanese commercials, so a trance cover of the Big Mac jingle seems unlikely. Darn.

Tentative list after the jump.

01. I Love You
02. Ai ga Subete
03. Tarako·Tarako·Tarako
04. Watakushi no Okiniiri
05. Densen ni Tako ga Karamacchattara Dou Suru No?
06. Ai no Uta
07. Dream
08. Kiite Aroerina Kiite Margerita
09. Takemoto Piano no Uta

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