VIP Mega Euro Star ~Hybrid~ – Pre-release Info

VIP Mega Euro Star ~Hybrid~
Release Date: 11/5/08
Price: 2505 yen

It’s baaack! FARM’s VIP Mega Euro Star series was last seen in 2006, while the last Love Para release was back in November of 2007. It’s a bit of surprise, then, to see FARM return to the eurobeat fray after so long an absence.

Tentative track list and analysis after the jump.

01. Ima Kono Toko Dake / Shin Yoshimune Soundtrack
02. Go Speed Racer Go / Zippers
03. Gamble Rumble / move
04. Supercar / Mike Snap
05. Together and Forever / Aloud
06. Sousei no Aquarion / mioco
07. Sorairo Days / mioco
08. What a Wonderful Day / Gipsy Baby
09. Open Your Heart / Romi
10. Mr. Heart Break / Robbie Boy
11. 7th Moon / Power Dreams
12. Blue Wing / Aoharhythm
13. alpha / mioco
14. Eternal Story / Miwa
15. White Petal / NRG Factory
16. Watch / NRG Factory
17. Don’t You Forget My World / Nicole Lee
18. Moonlight / Eri
19. You Will See / Debbie Key
20. It’s My Life / Radiorama
21. Any More / Betty Lou
22. Big Boy / Saetta Kid
23. Starlight Woman / Big Warez
24. Fight and Go / David Dima
25. Jumpin the Fire / Mike Snap
26. Hey Mamma Hey / F.C.F.

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In a word, WOW! Yes, there are a handful of repeats, but it looks like most of the tracks will be brand new. In addition to Dima’s “Fight and Go” finally making its debut, I also spot a few other never-before-seen Dima tracks. There are also a ton of unreleased Blast! tracks as well as new licenses from Saifam. A few of the other aliases I don’t recognize at all, namely NRG Factory, Betty Lou, Power Dreams, and Robbie Boy. It’ll be interesting to see which label is behind them.

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