Captain Jack Is Back – Final Release Info

Captain Jack Is BackThe new album was supposed to come out on October 16, but has since been delayed to November 21:

Beatdisaster have released a press release with the album art and final track list.

01. Mission Complete (Intro)
02. Turkish Bazar
03. We Will Rock You
04. Push It Up
05. Rainbow in the Sky
06. Free
07. Dreams
08. Hit the Road Jack
09. Base Jam
10. Take Me Away
11. Say Captain Say Wot
12. I Was a Fool
Bonus Tracks
13. Captain Jack
14. Drill Instructor
15. Soldier Soldier
16. Only You
17. Turkish Bazar (DJ Falk House Mix)

Track 6 is supposed to be a eurodance song written by a Culture Beat songwriter. It looks like they won’t completely abandon eurodance, though the press release claimed that the style was “R ‘n’ B / Hip Hop / Pop.”

Tracks 13-16 are not new covers, but are instead the original versions.

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