Koakuma Magic – Pre-release Info

Koakuma Magic
Release Date: 12/24/08 (CD+DVD) 1/21/09 (CD Only)
Price: 2848 yen (CD+DVD) or 1900 yen (CD Only)

Okay, so technically I blogged about this before. However, a lot of the details about this release have changed. The release has been delayed from its original intended release date and is now titled Koakuma Magic instead of Koakuma Princess. This was originally going to be available only as a CD+DVD set, but it looks like Victor will be releasing a CD only version about a month after the CD+DVD set.

Scheduled to appear are Ichidai, Laurie, Little Barby, Mister Max, Love Boom, Blue Roses, Mark Farina. In other words, a plethora of eurobeat repeats. It’s really quite amazing that Victor are still reusing Euro Panic! material after 7 years.

Pre-order the CD+DVD version or the CD only version.

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