Love ParaPara ~ Eurobeat Hits 30! – Pre-release Info

Love ParaPara ~ Eurobeat Hits 30!
Release Date: 4/8/09
Price: 2381 yen

It’s baaack! VIP Mega Euro Star ~Hybrid~ sold very well for FARM late last year and ended up charting on Oricon’s Indies chart for over a month.  It should come as no surprise, then, that FARM have finally decided to resurrect the Love Para series after a year-long hiatus.

The word “hits” brings to mind repeats, and sure enough there are plenty of repeats to be found, primarily from VIP Hybrid. Still, there are a considerable number of new tracks from the likes of Blast and Dima.

Unlike previous entries in the Love Para series, Eurobeat Hits 30! will be a CD only affair. It’s billed as a low-cost release, but at 2381 yen it’s only marginally cheaper than the CD+DVD releases. :/ Star Fire are involved in the production of the CD, however, so expect ParaPara routines for a number of the tracks. I’m willing to bet that FARM will release another Love Para later this year with repeats from Eurobeat Hits 30! and a DVD of the routines.

Tentative track list and more notes after the jump.

The list is still tentative, but the only changes will probably be with regard to the track order.

New tracks are in blue.

01. Ima Kono Toki Dake / Shin Yoshimune Soundtrack
02. Ginga Tetsudou 999 / Tsukasa
03. Hung Up / Santamaria
04. Go Speed Racer Go / Zippers
05. Caramelldansen / Caramell
06. Arrows / Nagisa
07. Long Night / mioco
08. Click Me Love / Romi
09. ParaPara Cute / Moonie
10. Shock Wave / Mike Snap
11. Hyper Crazy Night / Saetta Kid
12. Blue Wing / Aoharhythm
13. Touch Me Now / Xross
14. 7th Moon / Power Kiss
15. Real U / mioco
16. Eternal Story / Miwa
17. Yoko / David Dima
18. Catch Fire / Sonic Ray
19. White Petal / erica
20. It’s My Life / Radiorama
21. Any More / Betty Lou
22. Supa Supa Man / Baby Jane
23. Age Age All The Time / Coo Coo
24. Mr. Heart Break / Robbie Boy
25. Sousei no Aquarion / mioco
26. Go Beat Gun / Mike Snap
27. Jumpin the Fire / Mike Snap
28. Hey Mamma Hey / F.C.F.
29. Power Kiss / Matty Call
30. Fireball / Age Sentai

“Ima Kono Toki Dake” and “Ginga Tetsudou” are nice additions, but don’t really fit the title. And don’t get me started about “Caramelldansen.”

Anyway, there’s obviously lots of new Blast. One has to wonder if these are still holdovers from years ago or if Blast are indeed making new music again.

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  1. shawaazu Says:

    I didn’t get Hybrid, but I’ll definately be getting this 🙂

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