Exit Tunes presents Stardom – Pre-release Info

Exit Tunes presents Stardom
Release Date: 5/20/09
Price: 1905 yen

A compilation of Doujin songs?! Is this really what Quake have resorted to? The UmaUma Trance series had new trance covers of famous Nico Nico songs, but this CD will have the original songs by the original artists.

And can someone please explain why “Caramelldansen” has to be on this?

01. Airman ga Taosenai (Team Nekokan version) / Team. Nekokan “Neko”
02. Clear Made wa Nemuranai! / Team. Nekokan “Neko”
03. Minagittekita (Shinobue Kindan Shoujou L5) / Shima Shima P
04. Every cat dances to the premium music / Oster project
05. Sekiranun / TakeponG feat. Kushi
06. Ride on sky / Kurikinton Fox
07. Usamimi Shortcake / 2-dimension feat. Tamatan (C.V. Momoko Saitou)
08. Strawberry Love Generator (livetune Remix) / Albatrosicks (from IOSYS)
09. Mushuusei Dinner Show / Dear Chocolat (from IOSYS)
10. Playback, Feedback / Jimi-samu P
11. Shinki Original Gayoku (Title Undecided) / Higedriver
12. Caramelldansen (Speedycake Remix) / Caramell

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