Around 40 Eurobeat – Pre-release Info

Around 40 Eurobeat
Release Date: 7/22/09
Price: 2381 yen

R40 is a relatively new Japanese term that’s short for “Around 40.” Basically, it refers to people who are around the age of 40. The term is used to market items to people in a specific age group. For instance, a couple of years ago EMI released a compilation titled Disco R35 that featured music that people in their 30’s grew up with (80’s music, for the most part).

R40 Eurobeat features classic 80’s eurobeat that’s been repeated again and again and again on other compilations. It’d be cool if EMI remixed these like they did with the classics on the Happy Paradise series, but it seems they’re far more content going the cheap route.

01. I Should Be So Lucky / Kylie Minogue
02. Turn It into Love / Kylie Minogue
03. Locomotion / Kylie Minogue
04. Venus / Bananarama
05. Turn Around and Count 2 Ten / Dead or Alive
06. Toy Boy / Sinitta
07. Give Me Up / Michael Fortunati
08. Into the Night / Michael Fortunati
09. Boom Boom Dollar / King Kong & D. Jungle Girl
10. Upside Down / Coo Coo
11. This Time I Know It’s for Real / Donna Summer
12. Boom Boom (Let’s Go Back to My Room) / Paul Lekakis
13. Meet My Friend / Eddy Huntington
14. Eat You Up / Angie Gold
15. Help Me / Mela
16. Jive into the Night (Ulti Mix) / Green Olives
17. Bye Bye Baby / Max Coveri
18. Telephone Operator / Pete Shelley
19. Got to Be Your Lover / Taco
20. Bad Desire / F.C.F.
21. Macho Man / Mister Black
22. Divine / Mike Hammer
23. Ever & Ever / Venice
24. Aa Mujou / Ann Lewis

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3 Responses

  1. shawaazu Says:

    and even though its R40 its almost all of the tracklist of disc 1 of that R35 compliation =\ and even one from disc 2 XD

    well, since I own Disco R35 and almost all of the Dancemania Classics CDs I don’t think I need this one too hahahaha…

  2. Javy Says:

    Why hi there ZIPMania 7 Disc 2 haha

  3. DanceMaster Says:

    My favorite is still Disco Mega Party!, which had 40 repeats on one disc. Only thing it was missing was some Rick Astley.

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