Happy Core*Speed 2 ~Omikoshi Trance~ – Update

Happy Hardcore*Speed 2 ~Omikoshi Trance~
Release Date: 7/15/09
Price: 2500 yen

Ooooooooohhh, I get it now. “Mikoshi” refers to portable Shinto shrines that are often carried during Japanese festivals, and this album’s theme will be popular festival/folk songs. Yeah, it’s a bit of an unconventional theme for a speed album (though Speed Buyuuden was arguably more random), but at least it’s not anime again! The songs won’t only be from Japan, either. Also included will be popular folk songs from Israel, America, and even Finland. I’m kinda wondering if the three “Western” tracks will be the ones from Disko Warp.

12 tracks are planned at the moment. That may not seem like a lot, but apparently they’ll all be full versions, unlike the first Happy Hardcore*Speed which was a non-stop mix.

Side note: Pony Canyon have the subtitle listed simply as “Mikoshi Trance.” Technically the “o” is only there as an honorific, but I’ll keep it anyway.

01. Yosakoi Soran (Hokkaido)
02. Tankou Bushi (Fukuoka-ken)
03. Aomori Nebuta Matsuri no Kakegoe ~Rassera~ (Aomori-ken)
04. Shinano no Kuni (Nagano-ken)
05. Mayim Mayim (Israel Minyou)
06. Oklahoma Mixer (America Minyou)
07. Jenka (Finland Minyou)
08. Tokyo Ondo (Tokyo)
09. Ranbu (Happy Hardcore Mix) / S.O.L
10. Ame no Odaiba / Hitomi Sakuma
11. Shounan! 4 tsu Uchi Beat / Girls Air Line
12. Kamona Oedo / Ichiban Ujigami

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