Disco 80’s presents Around 40 – Pre-release Info

Disco 80’s presents Around 40
Release Date: 9/2/09
Price: 2427 yen

Hooray for repackaged hits! This looks suspiciously similar to Disco 80’s ~R30 Euro Special~ or any of Avex’s Disco 80’s releases. How’d we go from Around 30 all the way to Around 40 in the span of two years?

By far the most interesting thing about this release is that Avex will be licensing Almighty in the form of Abbacadabra.

01. I Should Be So Lucky / Kylie Minogue
02. So Many Men, So Little Time / Miquel Brown
03. Pistol in My Pocket / Lana Pellay
04. Whisper to a Scream / Bobby O.
05. Spanish Hustle / Rico
06. Dancing Queen / Abbacadabra
07. Give Me Up (JG’s Remix) / Michael Fortunati
08. Only You / Virgin
09. In the Name of Love / Finzi Kontini
10. Help Me / Mela
11. Ever and Ever / Venice
12. Fire on the Moon / Aleph

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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  1. shawaazu Says:

    Spanish Hustle seems new (for a Disco 80s compilation anyway), never heard of that song before.

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