Lady Bird feat. Sara – Kitto…Sayonara (Single) – Pre-release Info

Sweet SongSweet SongKitto…Sayonara (CD+DVD Single)
Kitto…Sayonara (CD Single)

Artist: Lady Bird feat. Sara
Release Date: 8/26/09
Price: 1300 yen (CD+DVD) or 1000 yen (CD Only)

Lady Bird, composed of DJ Ten and Ace Closer, made a huge splash with their debut single featuring Son Wei, “Sweet Song.” Immediately afterward, they held auditions looking for a new vocalist and ended up choosing the 18-year-old Sara. No idea if the song will be another up-tempo dance track, but here’s hoping DJ Kaya returns with another fantastic remix.

01. Kitto…Sayonara
02. Aisuruhitoni Aisaretai
03. Kitto…Sayonara (Instrumental)
04. Aisuruhitoni Aisaretai (Instrumental)

01. Kitto…Sayonara (Music Clip)

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  1. DJ Tomoe Says:

    It’s kind of a bummer they kicked Son Wei out of the project. But she’ll be back with new songs by the end of this year. Hopefully that’s a good thing. =/
    Sara looks kind of cute. Wonder which girl will appear in the next single.

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