Exit Tunes at Comike!

Quake will have an Exit Tunes booth at the summer Comike this year, where they’ll be selling exclusive merchandise.

A look at what’s being offered after the jump.

First up is the Exit Tunes 2009 Summer Comike Goods Set. For 2,000 yen, you’ll get:

  • Super Big Size Paper Bag – For storing all your swag.
  • “Exit Tunes presents Stardom 2” Original Cell Phone Cleaner – For wiping your cell phone screen.
  • “Exit Trance presents UmaUma Dekiru Trance wo Tsukutte Mita Complete Best” Phone Card
  • 2 Clear Posters Set – A3 Size

Yeah, not the best deal, unless you really want that gigantic bag.

Next is something more interesting. For 1,500 yen you can snag the Exit Tunes Gashuu (Art Book) plus a limited edition Ryu* Maxi Single.

  • Exit Tunes Gashuu – A full-color, 56 page art book presumably featuring album art from the Exit Trance/Tunes releases.
  • Maxi Single “Genbu – Ryu*” – I may be reading the kanji wrong (could be “Genmai”), but the title translates to “Phantom Dance.” It’s an original song, and so far Comike will be the only place you can get it.

Next up is a maxi single featuring Zutto Mitsumeteite. 1,000 yen gets you this exclusive release.

  • Maxi Single “Zutto Mitsumeteite – DJ Uto vs. Starving Trancer feat. Mayumi Morinaga” – An original song created for the CM of Speed Anime Trance Best 7. Presumably the single will have the original version as well as the Ryu* remix. For 1,000 yen, it’ll likely have at least a few other new remixes.

3,000 yen will buy a special Cushion Cover.

  • “Exit Trance presents UmaUma Dekiru Trance wo Tsukutte Mita Complete Best” Cushion Cover – Basically an expensive pillowcase. You don’t even get a pillow to put it on. 🙁

Finally, for the low price of 10,000 yen, you can sleep on Miko Barusa….

  • Barusa Miko Body Pillow Cover – Again, you only get the cover and not the body pillow. This is expensive. And creepy.

4 Responses

  1. mono-type Says:

    Regarding about the limited-edition Ryu* CD, you’re right about the reading of the kanji (Genbu), as it was clearly written on the album front cover (http://9819.jp/event/c76/img/ryu_b.jpg)

  2. DJ Tomoe Says:

    Are body pillows ‘that’ expensive?
    And this is just the cover…

  3. DanceMaster Says:

    Ah, thanks for the clarification. The CD cover wasn’t up when I first wrote the post so I wasn’t sure.

    I really wish Quake would offer this stuff outside of Comike. 1500 yen for a CD and art book is an awesome deal.

    Body pillow’s still creepy as hell, though.

  4. mono-type Says:

    I’m wondering if Ryu* had his fellow Bemani artist wac in mind when he was thinking of a name for that maxi single (because of the “Genbu” pun)…

    And yeah, I’m also hoping that these goodies would be offered outside of C76. I’m pretty interested in the artbook and the 2 maxi singles.

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