Captain Jack – Rewind to the 90’s


This news has been up for a few months now on the official Captain Jack website, but for those who missed it, it seems that the Captain Jack team is planning for another comeback this year. They have a notice saying that a new single featuring “Captain Jack (Remix 2009)” will be coming soon, followed by an album titled “Rewind to the 90’s.” I’m curious as to whether the “Captain Jack” remix will have the original vocals, or if Bruce and Jamie Lee will record new ones. Again, though, this news has been up for months, but there still hasn’t been any announcement on when the single or album will be released. Presumably the single will come out sometime this year. It would be a little awkward to have a “Remix 2009” released in 2010.

In more Captain Jack news, the remaining Captain Jack singes and albums are in the process of being uploaded to Juno Download. What’s really interesting is that they’ll also be putting up “unreleased” tracks from the 90s.

August 14: She’s Gonna Get You (’95 Unreleased Track)
September 10: Wolly Bolly (’95 Unreleased Track)
October 8: Dam Dam Dam (’95 Unreleased Track)
November 12: Falling in Love with You (’95 Unreleased Track)

Umm, yeah… It doesn’t sound like Franky Gee is on “She’s Gonna Get You” at all, and the rapper on “Wolly Bolly” doesn’t really sound like him either. Could it be the mysterious James Durbin? The female vocalist does sound like Liza, though.

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  1. CJ Fan Says:

    I can’t speak for the other tracks but I can say for a fact that “Wooly Bully” was an official release, so it makes no sense to say otherwise. Also it very obviously Franky on that track, especially when the original cover art is titled with “MC Franky Gee” and NOT Captain Jack.(don’t know why they altered it) If you listen close enough, you can hear his voice in the non-rapping parts; it’s his voice. Just search the original release for that confirmation.

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