Captain Jack – Rewind to the 90’s – Update


New details have surfaced about the upcoming album. In addition to remixes/remakes of CJ’s classics, there’ll also be new tracks, presumably also in the 90’s sound. Bruce Lacy has been doing quite a few live appearances recently, and many of those have been at 90’s throwback parties. There’s sort of a mini-renaissance of eurodance going on in Europe, mostly driven my nostalgia, and Udo Niebergall is ready to cash in. Besides, neither CJ Jr.’s album nor Captain Jack Is Back lit up the charts, so maybe a return to what made CJ so popular in the first place will be more successful.

Surprisingly, there seems to be yet another new female vocalist, Laura Pozo Martin. Check out her MySpace for a lovely cover of “Fields of Gold.”

New versions of “Give It Up,” “Volare,” and “Iko Iko” have been among the songs played during their live appearances, so it’s very likely they’ll be appearing on the new album.

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