Speed Revolution Vol. 2 – Final Release Info

SpeedSpeed Revolution Vol. 2
Release Date: 8/5/09

Another Speed compilation from Saifam. This second volume includes all of their latest works, plus a few older tracks. It wouldn’t been much nicer if they just released their tracks in order.

Nothing new, but you can buy all of the songs at 192 kbps for about $8.54. If you bought these at Saifam’s website it would cost you approx. 14 bucks.

01. [4:19] Boom Boom Pow (Speedogang Mix) / Speedogang
02. [4:09] Waterloo (The Boom Speedo Mix) / Speedogang
03. [4:16] Biddibi Boddibi Boo (High Energy Mix) / Speedogang
04. [4:26] Supervideo (The Superspeed Version) / Speedmaster feat. Jenny Rom
05. [4:07] You Raise Me Up (Speedomix) / Speed Gang feat. Interface
06. [4:38] Highway Star (Speed in the Mix) / Speedmaster
07. [4:02] London Bridge (Speed Version) / Speedmaster
08. [4:25] Jaded / Tommy B.
09. [3:54] Right Round (Speed Version) / MC Joe & The Vanillas
10. [5:28] Bad Day (Boom Boom Speedy Mix) / Speed Gang feat. Lawrence

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