Disko Warp Best Hits – Final Release Info

Disko Warp Best HitsDisko Warp Best Hits
Release Date: 9/17/09
Price: $12.00

Aww, “Best Hits” is so plain and unassuming. “Super Best” would’ve been much better. 😉 Anyway, as you can tell by the title, Disko Warp just released their first best-hits CD, including everything they’ve ever done for DDR.

For samples, visit the Disko Warp MySpace.

01. Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (JUSTiNB Remix) / Fright Ranger
02. Less Than Three (Ricardo Autobahn Remix) / Becky
03. Don’t Don’t Go Away (Ricardo Autobahn 12″ Remix) / Foxxie
04. Nightshade (Disko Warp Easily Amused Mix) / Melody & Mezzo
05. Space Space Shooter (Cusimo & Co. Remix) / Kick & Punch
06. Lolitabot (Initial P Remix) / Lolitabot
07. Deadbeat Boyfriend (Disko Warp Main Mix) / Lucky Princess
08. I Wanna Be Your Star (Disko Warp Records Remix) / Melody & Mezzo
09. Pussy Game (JUSTiNB’s Hyped Up Remix) / Bonnie Maxx
10. Cellular Telephone (Disko Warp Main Mix) / Kitty von Steel
11. Dumb Boys (Big Money Promo Edit) / Becky
12. Wondering (Disko Warp Remix) / Thomas Howard Lichtenstein
13. Diablo Girl / Vandalet

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