Ray & Anita – In Da Name of Love (Single) – Pre-release Info

Ray & AnitaIn Da Name of Love (Single)
Artist: Ray & Anita
Release Date: 1/22/10

2 Unlimited are back! Okay, due to copyright reasons they’re no longer allowed to use that name, but Ray Slijngaard & Anita Doth have reformed under the name Ray & Anita. Their first single, “In Da Name of Love,” just came out on iTunes Netherlands and is set for a CD single release later this month.

I was hoping they’d come back with a proper techno track, and while I’m not usually a big fan of electro-house, I do like this song quite a bit. Yeah, the bassline is ripped straight from David Guetta’s “Love Is Gone,” but the chorus is infectious. There are rumors that there’ll be more traditional dance remixes on the single, so keep an eye out for those.

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