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Smile.dkMake Up Collection 2010
Release Date: 2010

KDJ Eurodance Ltd. have a new interview up with with lots of interesting tidbits. First of all, they’ve announced that Party Around the World will finally see a release in China and Japan this year. They list their Japanese label as Dreamusic Japan, who are best known for their Super Anime Remix compilations. There’s no set release date for the Japanese edition just yet.

Most interesting of all, however, is official confirmation of a new album in 2010! The long-rumored remix album is apparently still in the works, and is tentatively titled “Make Up Collection 2010.” According to the interview the album will feature remakes of their biggest hits as well as new songs. S&K announced ages ago that they were collaborating with the team, so hopefully we’ll see that come to fruition. I’m also hoping Almighty return with another great remix.

So, what songs do you want to see remade? I’m sure we’ll see most, if not all, of the DDR songs (Butterfly, Boys, Mr. Wonderful, etc.), but I’d also like for them to tackle the lesser-known tracks. I’ve always been partial to the oft-overlooked “Happy in Love.” “Love & Devotion” is another old favorite that’s just begging for a remix. From Golden Sky, I’d like to see “Maybe” given a dance mix.

Via Bubblegum Dancer.

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  1. Smiledkfan Says:

    I just want an exclusive remix version of the album title track “Golden Sky” which I hope it will remixed by Anaconda or Robert Uhlmann himself. Then I want a remix versions of Dragonfly, Koko Soko, Circuit Girl, Tomoe, Geisha’s Dream and Around The World. I hope they could remake the song Cowboy by Bambee. That’s all for now. Thanks!

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