Speed Revolution Vol. 3 – Final Release Info

SpeedSpeed Revolution Vol. 3
Release Date: 12/21/09

The third volume in Saifam’s series of Speed compilations albums. It’s only 7 bucks at Amazon MP3, whereas Vol. 1 was $8 and Vol. 2 was $9. It’s also up on iTunes and some other sites, but is strangely absent from Juno. This is pretty much worth it for “Fire Burning” alone.

01. [5:40] Waka Laka (United Forces Speedy Mix) / Jenny Rom vs. The Zippers
02. [4:14] Fire Burning (The Speedy Remix) / Speedmaster
03. [4:06] Poker Face (A.R. Speed Mix) / Speedmaster
04. [5:21] Johnny B. Good (Speedo Rock Mix) / Speedmaster
05. [3:45] Guerrilla Radio (Speedomix) / Tommy B.
06. [3:21] Burning Heart (Ferrari Mix) / Speedmaster
07. [3:09] Ali Bombaye (Speed Mix) / Mazerati
08. [3:48] I Believe (Speedomix) / Speedogang
09. [4:50] Lovin’ Every Minute of It / Speedogang
10. [5:03] All Fired Up (The Factory Team Speedo Mix) / Maharadsha

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  1. Aquastar Says:

    Uh no offence but I’m so sick of hearing fire burning…I actually like the poker face remix they did and I don’t even fancy that song

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