Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 9 – Final Release Info

SATB 9Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 9
Release Date: 4/7/10
Price: 1905 yen

MK has a staggering 7 songs on SATB 9. Meanwhile, Ryu*, B.U.S., Icon, and Dizzi Mystica are nowhere to be found. The first two were probably busy working on their own projects, but I wonder why Icon and Dizzi Mystica were left out?

I’m not sure what the enclosed plastic card is about. It’s not a real credit card, but I do like the alternative artwork.

01. [4:31] only myrailgun / Starving Trancer feat. Maki
02. [3:53] Tsukiakari no Michishirube / Disco da gama feat. mi-mi
03. [3:30] Renai Circulation / MK feat. Camry
04. [4:07] sakura / Disco da gama feat. R. Cena
05. [3:55] Dear My Friend -Mada Mini Mirai e- / MK feat. Yurie
06. [3:53] Mugen / Disco da gama feat. Kana
07. [3:24] Future Stream / Acid=Stone Valley feat. Maki
08. [4:01] Reflect Tear / MK feat. Camry
09. [3:30] Phantom Minds / Starving Trancer feat. Kana
10. [4:17] Nyandaful! / DJ Kyon-C feat. Ma15
11. [4:48] Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora / Rev feat. Yurie
12. [3:32] Kaerimichi / MK feat. Ma15
13. [3:48] Treasure / MK feat. Camry + mi-mi
14. [4:11] Magic Number / Hommarju feat. Maki
15. [3:22] Justice of Light / MK feat. Yurie
16. [4:09] Baby universe day / DJ Kyon-C feat. Latte + mi-mi
17. [3:32] One Way Ryou Omoi / MK feat. Maki + Camry
18. [4:26] Aozora Triangle / Acid=Stone Valley feat. Maki + Ma15
19. [4:02] light prayer / Hommarju feat. Maki
20. [4:58] Hikari no Senritsu / Acid=Stone Valley feat. Yurie

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4 Responses

  1. Diziyyuki Says:

    hideki is missing. 🙁 He’s my favorite vocalist next to Camry (who I see is getting a lot more songs now) 😀

  2. Diziyyuki Says:

    …in fact, I don’t see any male vocalists at all.

  3. chpsv Says:

    I would guess:
    Ryu* – busy on SUPER PRODUCERS BEAT & kors k’s new album work

    B.U.S – one of the least producing DJ though , maybe busy on other co’s audition works we didn’t know… not enough time for him to work on BEST 9 & SUPER PRODUCERS BEAT at the same time

    Dizzi Mystica – holiday ??

    Icon – same as above

    N.O.-SYO – his participation is always a mystery

    DJ Sa9 – another mystery

  4. Doc-S Says:

    I always have high hopes for the main series and this has been the first main let down for me.

    Still, hopefully it’ll still be decent enough.

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