The History of Eurobeat, Vol. 1 – Final Release Info

History of Eurobeat 1The History of Eurobeat, Vol. 1
Release Date: 3/22/10
Price: $8.99+

LED are … back? This new LED compilation was recently released on iTunes and other download services. Many of these songs have been available for a while now, but the last track caught my eye. It’s titled “In Rain and Sunshine,” and the artist is listed as Deja Vu & Tasmin. At first I thought that they had licensed an Almighty track for this compilation. However, the song is clearly eurobeat, and doesn’t sound like Almighty’s Tasmin. Could this be a new production, or just something left over from years ago?

Via Enatime.

01. [5:03] Nori Nori Nori (Extended Mix) / Judy Crystal
02. [5:38] Exotic Japan (Extended Mix) / John Desire
03. [4:49] Din Don Dan (Extended Mix) / Judy Crystal
04. [4:50] Living in America (Extended Mix) / Rose and John
05. [5:57] Love and Love (Extended Mix) / Judy and Priscilla
06. [5:09] Mad Music (Extended Mix) / Urania
07. [5:17] Melody (Extended Mix) / Marilyn
08. [5:24] The Window (Extended Mix) / John and Rose
09. [4:53] Ballerino (Extended Mix) / Eurobeat Girl Power
10. [5:13] In Rain and Sunshine (Extended Mix) / Deja Vu & Tasmin

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  1. Javier Says:

    The artist for In Rain And Sunshine is by ai and it’s a remix they did for Avex’s Ultra ParaPara Dance comp back in 2001. Awesome CD with a remix of NIcki French’s Total Eclipse Of The Heart and Whigfield’s Saturday Night.

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