Exit Tunes at C78!

Quake will once again have an Exit Tunes booth at the 78th Comic Market this August, where they’ll be selling exclusive merchandise.

First up is the Exit Tunes 2010 Summer Comike Goods Set. For only 3,000 yen, you’ll get:

  • 1. Super Big Size Paper Bag – A super big bag to carry all of your Comike goodies. Features original Exit Tunes art.
  • 2. Speed Anime Trance Best Mouse Pad – Club Complex Code has been closed for a while now, but I guess they were too lazy to remove the name.
  • “3. Barusa Miko” Bath Poster – Poster featuring the cover girl of UmaUma Trance
  • 4. Speed Anime Trance Best Ecstasy Series Clear Bookmark – A set of four bookmarks featuring the cover girls of SATB Ecstasy
  • 5. Supernova 2 Clear Poster
  • 6. Speed Anime Trance Best 10 Clear Poster
  • 7. Deluxe Another Jacket – 5 Kinds – Alternate covers for Eki Trance, Sagyouyou BGM Electro House 2, Gakkou Trance 3 Jigenme, UmaUma Trance 5, and Famitrance EX

Cheaper than last winter’s set by 500 yen. Totally worth it for that awesome alt Famitrance art. When I first saw it I thought Famitrance 2 had been announced. Oh, Quake, you’re such a tease.

More merchandise after the jump.

For 1,500 yen you can snag the Exit Tunes Gashuu Vol. 2plus a limited edition Ryu* Maxi Single.

  • Exit Tunes Gashuu Vol. 2 – A full-color art book featuring cover art from Exit Tunes releases as well as tribute art.
  • Maxi Single “green lightning / Ryu*” – Another exclusive original song from Ryu*.

For only 10,000 yen, you can sleep on Nonomi, the cover girl from UmaUma Trance86….

  • Nonomi Body Pillow Cover – No comment.

3,000 yen will buy you a trio of towels.

  • “Ikemen Voice Paradise”/”Speed Anime Trance Best 20″/”Moe J-Pop” Microfiber Towel

If I’m not mistaken, the first 1,000 buyers will also receive a free “Exit Tunes Original Paper Bag” featuring the art from Supernova 2 and SATB 10. Does not apply to buyers of the “Exit Tunes 2010 Summer Comike Goods Set,” for some reason.

Also, they’ll be giving away Duel Maid figures of Barusa Miko and Rinne at specified times. Check the official website for times and more info.

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