Captain Jack – Best of Acoustic – Pre-release Info

Best of Acoustic
Artist: Captain Jack
Release Date: 9/6/10

Well, this is certainly a surprise. Back to the Dancefloor was supposed to be coming out this September, but it looks like they’ll be releasing this acoustic collection in its stead. The album will include acoustic versions of CJ’s most popular songs such as “Captain Jack,” “Drill Instructor,” and Only “You.” There will also be new tracks like “People Like to Party” and “Everything Started with Captain Jack.”

The album will be on sale at musicload and presumably at other online retailers as well. In the meantime, they’ve also released yet another greatest hits album titled, “Meine Besten.”

01. [3:20] Captain Jack (Acoustic Mix)
02. [4:23] Drill Instructor (Acoustic Mix)
03. [3:40] Soldier Soldier (Acoustic Mix)
04. [3:51] Saturday Night (Acoustic Mix)
05. [3:43] Dream A Dream (Acoustic Mix)
06. [3:38] Together & Forever (Acoustic Mix)
07. [3:08] Only You (Acoustic Mix)
08. [3:18] People Like to Party (Acoustic Mix)
09. [4:53] Back Home
10. [2:47] Everything Started with Captain Jack (Acoustic Mix)

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