Disko Warp × Pump It Up Pro 2 Official Soundtrack – Final Release Info

Disko Warp × Pump It Up Pro 2 Official Soundtrack
Release Date: 8/11/10
Price: $9.90

Disko Warp recently provided some songs for Andamiro’s Pump It Up Pro 2 arcade game and released an accompanying digital soundtrack. If you’ve been following Disko Warp for a while then most of these songs aren’t new to you. However, there are a couple of new bonus remixes included. The soundtrack is up for sale on Amazon and iTunes. It’s slightly cheaper on Amazon ($8.99 versus $9.90 on iTunes).

01. [4:32] Lolitabot (Cusimo & Co. Remix) / Lolitabot
02. [3:36] U.F.O. Catcher / Initial P
03. [3:29] Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (Justinb’s Video Edit) / Fright Ranger
04. [3:53] Don’t Don’t Go Away (Disko Warp Main Mix) / Foxxie
05. [3:47] Deadbeat Boyfriend (Disko Warp Main Mix) / Lucky Princess
06. [3:09] While Tha Rekkid Spinz (Radio Track) / DJ Zombie
07. [3:54] Wake Up / Kid Whatever
08. [1:48] Pink Fuzzy Bunnies / Wonder Boy
Bonus Tracks
09. [6:10] Deadbeat Boyfriend (Initial P Speedy-Slowy Mix) / Lucky Princess
10. [2:57] While Tha Rekkid Spinz (Disko Warp Unreleased Remix) / DJ Zombie

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