Captain Jack – Best of Acoustic – Final Release Info

Best of Acoustic
Artist: Captain Jack
Release Date: 9/6/10

The album will is now on sale at musicload, Amazon MP3, and 7Digital. It’s cheapest at Amazon, where it’s only $7.99.

I was initially worried that the songs might have re-recorded vocals, but they wisely used the originals where applicable. The arrangements are pleasant enough, though a few clearly weren’t made for slower tempos.

01. [3:20] Captain Jack (Acoustic Mix)
02. [4:23] Drill Instructor (Acoustic Mix)
03. [3:40] Soldier Soldier (Acoustic Mix)
04. [3:51] Saturday Night (Acoustic Mix)
05. [3:43] Dream A Dream (Acoustic Mix)
06. [3:38] Together & Forever (Acoustic Mix)
07. [3:08] Only You (Acoustic Mix)
08. [3:18] People Like to Party (Acoustic Mix)
09. [4:53] Back Home
10. [2:47] Everything Started with Captain Jack (Acoustic Mix)

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