Initial P feat. Eva Maass – Butterfly – Final Release Info

Butterfly (Single)
Release Date: 9/13/10
Price: $7.92

Hot on the heels of Speedisko 2 comes a brand new single from Disko Warp featuring a cover of’s legendary “Butterfly.” With fantastic vocals and a bevy of remixes, it’s definitely one of DW’s best releases yet. The single is now up for sale on iTunes for $7.92.

I’ll post a review shortly, but for now check out my favorite remix on the single:

01. [4:07] Butterfly (Initial P Main Mix)
02. [4:37] Butterfly (Ricardo Autobahn’s Antibes Remix)
03. [3:42] Butterfly (Disko Warp Stadium Blaster)
04. [4:49] Butterfly (Ian K Remix)
05. [3:07] Butterfly (Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Magic Hammer)
06. [3:31] Butterfly (Fighter X Arf Arf Remix)
07. [3:10] Butterfly (Foxdye’s Raveplurroflwtf Remix)
08. [4:22] Butterfly (JUSTiNB Remix)

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