Captain Jack – Back to the Dancefloor – Update

Back to the Dancefloor
Artist: Captain Jack
Release Date: January 2011

Captain Jack is back!!! This collection of remixes and new tracks was originally set for release this past October, but apparently it’s been delayed until the new year. It’s surprisingly mostly new material, so if you’re only interested in the new remixes of classic CJ tracks, then you’re better off getting the Hit Remixes 2010 single. I believe this is the first time that the Cheeky Trax remix of “Dream A Dream” has been commercially available, however.

“People Like to Party” was a great track, so I’m actually really looking forward to the new songs. “How does it feel” looks like it’ll be the requisite eurodance ballad, though.

New tracks are highlighted in blue.

01. Back to the Dancefloor (Intro)
02. People Like to Party (Sambamix)
03. Saturday Night (Albumversion)
04. Save the World (Radiomix)

05. Captain Jack 2010 (Sir Ace da Brain Remix)
06. How does it feel (Radiomix)
07. Crank It Up (Clubmix)

08. Drill Instructor 2010 (Beatdisaster Remix)
09. Freak You (Radiomix)
10. Soldier Soldier 2010 (Beatdisaster Remix)
11. Dream A Dream (Cheeky Trax UK Remix)
12. People Like to Party (Radiomix)
13. Outro (Albummix)

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  1. Marcos Says:

    I can’t wait any longer!!

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