Anison Joshibu – Update

Anison Joshibu
Release Date: 2/16/11
Price: 2000 yen

From the makers of the Anime Nitro series comes this new compilation with covers of girl anime themes. The album has been moved to February from its original January 19 release date, and has also received a new catalogue number.

01. Egao ni Aitai (Marmalade Boy) / eni
02. Moment (Marmalade Boy) / eni
03. Moonlight Densetsu (Sailor Moon) / Ran Komatu
04. Miracle Girl (Yawara) / Ran Komatu
05. South Wind (Marmalade Boy) / Sayaka Hasuki
06. Rain (Marmalade Boy) / Ran Komatu
07. Suteki na Sayokyoku (Serenade) (Marmalade Boy) / eni
08. Saigo no Yakusoku (Marmalade Boy) / Sayaka Hasuki
09. Angel (Marmalade Boy) / Sayaka Hasuki
10. Soba ni Itai (Marmalade Boy) / Sayaka Hasuki
11. Melody ~Dakishimete~ (Marmalade Boy)/He·ro·i·ne (Gokinjo Monogatari) / Sayaka Hasuki
12. Don’t You Know? (Gokinjo Monogatari)/Tenshi no Yubikiri (Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou) / Ran Komatu

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