Super Vocalo Beat – Pre-release Info

Super Vocalo Beat
Release Date: 3/9/11
Price: 2405 yen

A few months ago Avex announced a compilation titled “Vocaloid Eurobeat,” which was to feature eurobeat covers of Vocaloid songs and was to be produced by Akiba Koubou. However, Avex quietly canceled the CD, which supposed to be released on January 19. Well, it seems that the project has been reincarnated as “Super Vocalo Beat.” Presumably it will still be produced by Akiba Koubou producers, with Utatte Mita singers providing the vocals.

The announced artists for Super Vocalo Beat are:

01. Maria
02. Priko
03. che:sakurai
04. uinona
05. Kushi
06. Beeeeige
07. Ritsuka

The pre-release track list for Vocaloid Eurobeat was as follows. Keep in mind that this may not represent the final track list for Super Vocalo Beat.

01. Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru [Shiteyanyo] / ika
02. Saihate / Kobayashi Onyx
03. Romeo to Cinderella / doriko
04. Last Night, Good Night / kz (livetune)
05. Melt / ryo
06. Double Lariat / Agoaniki
07. Spice! / Minato (Ryuusei P)
08. magnet / Minato (Ryuusei P)
09. Luka Luka*Night Fever / samfree
10. Hoshikuzu Utopia / otetsu
11. Just Be Friends / Dixie Flatline (Gemini no Hito)
12. Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa / Noboru P
13. Cantarella / Kurousa P
14. World’s End Dancehall / wowaka
15. SPiCa / Toku P
16. Tiger Rampage / Sasakure P
17. Mosaic Roll / Deco*27
18. Matryoshka / Hachi

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  1. SailorDDR Says:

    That’s good news. It’ll be great to hear some new stuff 😀

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