Super Vocalo Beat – Update

Super Vocalo Beat
Release Date: ???
Price: 2405 yen

Well, this is a bit odd. The final track list recently surfaced on the label’s official website, but it’s mysteriously disappeared. Listings on online shops have been pulled as well. Maybe they’re running into licensing issues? Let’s hope this release eventually sees the light of day, because it’d be really nice to hear new productions from Akiba Koubou for a change.

01. Hontou ni Orera Nico Chuu Dane / Aomofu +
02. Saihate / uinona
03. Spice! / Tsukareta Otoko
04. Double Lariat / Priko
05. 1925 / Beeeeige
06. Melancholic / erusi
07. Bokura no 16bit Sensou / Ritsuka
08. Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo / Mado@Jissha Lilo
09. Happy Synthesizer / Wotamin
10. magnet / che:Sakurai
11. Hoshikuzu Utopia / Kuro Pudding
12. Spica / Maria
13. World’s End Dancehall / Yuge
14. Nisoku Hokou / Kushi
15. Shiroi Yuki no Princess wa / Nanahira

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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  1. DJ Tomoe Says:

    Most likely it got pushed back, like many new releases that were supposed to come out this month due to the earthquake.

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