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Artist: Vibration All Stars
Price: $6.99 per album; $1.29 per track

I seem to be a bit late to the party, but Vibration/LED are back and have apparently been releasing tons of compilations on iTunes. The Supereurobeat series is of particular interest to Dancemania fans as it has full versions, instrumentals, a cappella versions of Dancemania tracks. A lot of these were released years ago on Juno Download, but there are two surprise tracks that have never before been made available.

First is “Super Super Hero” by Fireman, which made an appearance on Happy Paradise 2 but has never been made available on vinyl or any other media. “Super Super Hero” was a licensed track, but Davide Di Marcantonio did work on the Fireman project, so its inclusion on Supereurobeat Vol. 03 isn’t that inconceivable.

The real shocker is the “Euro Remix” of Deja Vu’s “My Heart Will Go On,” which originally appeared on Dancemania Euro*Mix Happy Paradise. Although it was available on a promo vinyl issued by EMI, I always assumed LED would never be able to release it themselves since it was licensed from Almighty. I’m honestly wondering if Almighty know about this, so you may want to grab it off Supereurobeat Vol. 01 in case Almighty ever decide to pull it.

I believe the only LED Dancemania tracks still not available are the ones from Natsu Monogatari 2009. With any luck they’ll appear on an upcoming release.

Full list of available albums and Dancemania-related tracks after the jump.

Supereurobeat Vol. 01
My Heart Will Go On / Deja Vu feat. Tasmin (Dancemania Euro*Mix Happy Paradise)
Come On Feel the Ecstasy / John Desire (Dancemania Euro*Mix Happy Paradise)
Tokyo All Ready / Judy Crystal (Dancemania Euro*Mix Happy Paradise)

Supereurobeat Vol. 02
God of Romance / Judy Crystal (Dancemania presents J*Paradise)
Hot Limit / John Desire (Dancemania presents J*Paradise)
Sunrise Nippon / John Desire (Dancemania presents J*Paradise)

Supereurobeat Vol. 03
Super Super Hero / Fireman (Happy Paradise 2)
Nori Nori Nori / Judy Crystal (Happy Paradise 2)

Supereurobeat Vol. 04
Boom Boom Boom / Judy Crystal (Dancemania Speed 7)
Fantasy / Melissa (Happy Paradise 2)
Exotic Japan / John Desire (Happy Paradise 2)

Supereurobeat Vol. 05
Over the Time (Yozora no Muko) / Eurobeat Lovers
Living in America / Rose & John (Dancemania Speed 8 )

Supereurobeat Vol. 06
Love & Love / Judy & Priscilla (Dancemania Speed 8 )

Supereurobeat Vol. 07
Baby Love Me / Judy Crystal (DDR MAX 2)

Supereurobeat Vol. 08

Supereurobeat Vol. 09

Supereurobeat Vol. 10

Supereurobeat Vol. 11

Supereurobeat Vol. 12

Supereurobeat Vol. 13

Supereurobeat Vol. 14

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