Bentley Jones – Trans//lation 2 – Final Release Info

Trans//lation 2
Artist: Bentley Jones
Release Date: 6/1/11
Price: $8.99

The sequel to 2009’s Trans//lation is finally out and features another selection of covers as well as new versions of older productions. The digital version is available for only $8.99 at Amazon. However, the CD version, available only at Bentley’s official site, contains an exclusive bonus track. You can also preview entire tracks at the official site.

It’s worth noting that it’s not subtitled “J-Pop Dance Covers” as the first one was, and for good reason. A few of the songs are covers of Western productions, and the only song with a true dance beat is the CD only bonus track.

01. [1:47] Trans//lation 2 (Introduction)
02. [3:21] Word Up
03. [4:52] Sunao ni Naretara ~Final Night~ (2011 English Version)
04. [4:00] Joint
05. [4:30] Stay / feat. Liz Saunders
06. [5:05] Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)
07. [4:49] Ameato
08. [5:28] Dreams of an Absolution (2011 Version)
09. [4:51] Michi ~ to you all
10. [4:31] Glamorous Sky (2011 Japanese Version)
11. [3:38] All You Wanted
Bonus Tracks
12. [4:52] Sunao ni Naretara ~Final Night~ (2011 Japanese Version)
13. [4:31] Glamorous Sky (2011 English Version)
CD Only Bonus Track
14. [6:05] Stay (Fantazia Projekt Remix) / feat. Liz Saunders

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