K-Pop Party Mix II ~Best of K-Pop Cover Selection~ – Final Release Info

K-Pop Party Mix II ~Best of K-Pop Cover Selection~
Release Date: 7/20/11
Price: 1886 yen

Continuing series from FARM featuring covers of K-Pop klassiks. The album is available on iTunes Japan, but like the CD version it’s a non-stop mix.

01. Intro
02. Mr.
03. Jumping
04. Bijin ~Bonamana~
05. Lucifer
06. Shock
07. Tonight
08. High High
09. Oh Yeah
10. Can’t Nobody
11. Bangkok City
12. Ya Ya Ya
13. Doushite Sou na No ~Why Are You Being Like This~
14. Paparazzi
15. Marshmallow
16. Tok Tok feat. Soya
17. Kagami yo Kagami ~Mirror Mirror~
18. To Me
19. Here I Am
20. Ring Ding Ding
21. Hoot
22. Run Devil Run
23. Right Now
24. Superman
25. Love Song
26. Jim Gam (Chokkan) ~Intuition~
27. Juliette
28. Holla
29. Nu Abo
30. Why? ~ Keep Your Head Down
31. Ai no Ame ~ Love Rain

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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