Lucky Princess – Text Me Too Much (The Remixes) – Final Release Info

Text Me Too Much (The Remixes)
Artist: Lucky Princess
Release Date: 7/16/11
Price: $5.94

New remix package for Disko Warp’s hyper techno track, “Text Me Too Much.” Includes a remix by Japanese TechPara legend, Seiji “Honmax” Honma. There are a lot of retro 80s/90s influences on many of the remixes, ranging from 8bit samples to classic 80s beats. Of course, Pete finishes the single off with his trademark speedy sound. It’s quite a fun listen, especially for the “R30” crowd.

The single can be found on iTunes as well as at Bandcamp.

01. [5:35] Text Me Too Much (Honmax Remix)
02. [5:29] Text Me Too Much (Microfilm’s Unlimited Data Plan)
03. [4:32] Text Me Too Much (Graz Remix)
04. [4:43] Text Me Too Much (The Paradise Last Flashback Mix)
05. [7:22] Text Me Too Much (Ricardo Autobahn Extended Remix)
06. [3:46] Text Me Too Much (The Disko Warp Speed-Dial Remix)

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