Toho Euro Flash Vol. 2 – Final Release Info

Toho Euro Flash Vol. 2
Release Date: 8/13/11
Price: ??? yen

I was beginning to wonder if there would ever be a sequel to the DJ Command-produced Toho Euro Flash. Well, after a year-long wait the sequel has finally arrived. DJ Command is once again in charge, and this time he’s brought along some friends from Akiba Koubou to do some remixes. Visit the official website for more info:

01. Crazy Hot / Nachi Sakaue
02. Search for the butterfly / 3L
03. Too love to love / maria?polo
04. Warning! / 3L?maria?polo
05. Endless night / 3L
06. Madoi no Tsuki (Rayto Mix) / 3L
07. Yume to Maboroshi to Awa to Kage (valle blanco Mix) / 3L
08. Light travel distance (Rayto Mix) / Nachi Sakaue

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