Gossip Party! 3 “The Best of Celeb Hits” R&B n’House Mix – Final Release Info

Gossip Party! 3 “The Best of Celeb Hits” R&B n’House Mix
Release Date: 10/19/11
Price: 1886 yen

Continuation of Manhattan Records’ house-flavored R&B cover series powered by Power Music. Full version are available on iTunes Japan.

01. Intro
02. Judas (RokCity Remix) / Starlet
03. Blow (HumanJive Remix) / Paulette
04. On the Floor (RokCity Remix) / RokCity feat. Paulette & Chani
05. I Know You Want Me (Calle-Ocho) / Chani
06. Run the World (Girls) (HumanJive Remix) / Paulette
07. Where Them Girls At (HumanJive Remix) / Chani feat. J Rae
08. Give Me Everything / DJ Shocker feat. Junior Torrey & Chani
09. Party Rock Anthem / DJ Shocker feat. Chani
10. Born This Way (CPR Remix) / Starlet
11. Dancing Tonight (DJ Shocker Remix) / Paulette
12. S&M (CPR Remix) / Paulette
13. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) (CPR Remix) / Paulette
14. Happiness / Fringe
15. She Ain’t You / Junior Torrey (Chris Brown) Junior Torrey feat. Lil’ Man
17. Price Tag (HumanJive Remix) / J Rae
18. Black and Yellow (HumanJive Remix) / Chani
19. Don’t Wanna Go Home (DJ Shocker Remix) / G.G.
20. Just Can’t Get Enough (HumanJive Remix) / Chani feat. Paulette
21. Hit the Lights (HumanJive Remix) / Junior Torrey feat. Chani
22. Best Love Song (DJ Shocker Remix) / Junior Torrey
23. The Show Goes On (HumanJive Remix) / Chani
24. Pretty Girl Rock (HumanJive Remix) / Paulette
25. The Edge of Glory (HumanJive Remix) / Anya Tru
26. Rolling in the Deep (HumanJive Remix) / Anya Tru
27. Hello (HumanJive Remix) / Ehda
28. Smile (Dr. Pack Remix) / Tara Glow
29. F**kin’ Perfect (Perfect) (CPR Remix) / J Rae
30. Need You Now (CPR Remix) / Jimmy Rep feat. Fringe
31. Who Says (CPR Remix) / Fringe

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