Exit Tunes presents GUMish from Megpoid – Pre-release Info

Exit Tunes presents GUMish from Megpoid
Release Date: 12/21/11
Price: 1905 yen

Third album featuring Megpoid, following GUMism and GUMitive. Order early for a smartphone sticker, cellphone strap, fake credit card, mouse pad (1 of 4 designs), poster, and clear file.

01. Shiryoku Kensa / 40mP feat. Gumi
02. Yakusoku no Tane / 40mP feat. Gumi
03. Datte Datte Datte / Takanon feat. Gumi
04. Koushi no Shinzou / Tokotoko (Nishizawa-san P) feat. Gumi
05. Aikarakaia / Marudaruma feat. Gumi
06. Uso to Diamond / Yucha P feat. Gumi
07. Sakura Uta / vataco (Patapon P) feat. Gumi
08. Yuru Yurari. / cosMo @ Bousou P feat. Gumi
09. No nai Denpa / YM feat. Gumi
10. Requiem / Nijihara Peperon (Peperon P) feat. Gumi
11. Kitchen de Kappa ga Tanishi Yudeteru / Ienoura de Manbo ga Shinderu P feat. Gumi
12. Dreamer Eater / yukkedoluce feat. Gumi
13. Aka Zukin / kyoki feat. Gumi
14. I / Faye P feat. Gumi
15. Gift / Hanataba P feat. Gumi
16. Shinkyoku (Title Mitei) / buzzG feat. Gumi

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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