Disko Warp presents Speedisko Vol. 3 – Final Release Info

Disko Warp presents Speedisko Vol. 3
Release Date: 1/6/11
Price: $7.92

It’s Disko Warp week here at Dancemania EX! Disko Warp have recently undergone a major change: all Disko Warp releases at Bandcamp are now “Name Your Price,” with no minimum set. If you’ve ever wanted to sample the Disko Warp sound, now’s a great time to do it for little to no cost! If you like what you hear, then do your best to support Pete. The man needs to eat, ya know 😉

There is one small caveat, however. Some singles/albums are no longer available on Bandcamp until distribution agreements end with other distributors (i.e., Amazon, iTunes). When those clear, the songs will be added to Bandcamp. The Speedisko releases are among those affected, so at the moment they’re only available at Amazon and iTunes.

The third release in the Speedisko series has a good amount of variety, with lots of guest artists and remixers. Standout tracks include Ricardo Autobahn’s remix of “I Wanna Be a Ninja” and Pete’s 80’s remix of “What Went Wrong.” I’m also quite fond of the eurobeat remix of “Girl Revolution.”

01. [4:24] Erotic Chemistry / Vandalet
02. [3:44] Coffee & Cream / Aulette
03. [5:08] Girl Revolution (Disko Warp Para Para Mix) / The Moist Towelettes
04. [5:19] Datacrime 2011 (Initial P Remix) / Cuban Boys
05. [5:04] I Wanna Be a Ninja (Ricardo Autobahn Remix) / Becky
06. [3:47] Pussy Game (Disko Warp 2011 Speedy Mix) / Bonnie Maxx
07. [5:22] Werewolf Boyfriend (Speedisko Extended Mix) / Fright Ranger
08. [5:28] What Went Wrong (Pete’s Throwback Mix) / nR Element

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