Disko Warp presents Speedisko Vol. 5 – Final Release Info

Disko Warp presents Speedisko Vol. 5
Release Date: 9/15/11
Price: $7.92

Speedisko Vol. 5 is probably my favorite in the series, with an excellent set of new tracks and remixes. The lead song is a great dance track from Seattle native, Ian K. I quite like Umi’s vocals, and I assume the starry theme was the inspiration for the cover art.

Disko Warp also managed to do some collaborations with some well-known Japanese DJs. “Hard Rock & Pink Black” from Hime Trance 4 is redone here as a happy hardcore track by Initial P. Meanwhile, DJ Command from Akiba Koubou adds his trademark euro touch to “Werewolf Boyfriend.”

Also of note is Becky’s “Dumb Boys,” which is full of that classic Disko Warp humor and stylistically sounds quite a bit like “Text Me Too Much (The Disko Warp Speed-Dial Remix),” which coincidentally is also on this release.

Again, all Disko Warp releases at Bandcamp are now “Name Your Price,” with no minimum set. However, due to distribution agreements, at the moment Speedisko 5 is only available at Amazon and iTunes.

01. [6:10] Cross the Stars / Ian K feat. Umi
02. [4:04] Luve 2 H8 (Seattle) (Initial P Remix) / Graz
03. [4:17] I Love You Goodbye (Disko Warp Speedy Mix) / Sonatia
04. [5:11] Hard Rock & Pink Black (Like a Fire) (Initial P Hardstompin’ Remix) / 4 Skips
05. [3:46] Text Me Too Much (The Disko Warp Speed-Dial Remix) / Lucky Princess
06. [3:58] Dumb Boys (2011 Speedisko Edit) / Becky
07. [3:37] Werewolf Boyfriend (AKBK “DJ Command” Remix) / Fright Ranger
08. [4:26] Selfish U / Initial P

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