Disko Warp presents Speedisko Vol. 6 – Final Release Info

Disko Warp presents Speedisko Vol. 6
Release Date: 1/18/12
Price: $7.92

The sixth release in the Speedisko series was released just this past January and once again features some great cover art by GoshaDole. Tracks include Disko Warp remixes for guest artists such as J-Mi & Midi-D, LeetStreet Boys, and Moist Towelettes. “Disco Gino” is a pretty damn catchy eurobeat number. I can’t wait to hear the J-Mi & Midi-D version.

Also featured are new arrangements of two songs from the recently released Eurobeat compilation, Eurobeat Forever. “My Love Is Nineteen” is easily the best of the bunch, with some impressive vocals and hilarious lyrics. “Gays Gays Gays” has a more memorable melody, but the vocals are comparatively lifeless.

The Half Polish alias makes a return with a cover of a traditional Polish folk song. The tempo changes in the second half are a bit too sudden for me, though.

Rounding out the album is the excellent Honmax remix of “Text Me Too Much,” which you can also grab from the Text Me Too Much Remix EP at Bandcamp. As has been mentioned all week, Disko Warp releases at Bandcamp are now “Name Your Price,” and there’s no minimum price! However, due to distribution agreements Speedisko 6 is currently only available at Amazon and iTunes.

01. [4:38] See You Later Boy (Disko Warp “Wild Style” 2010) / The Moist Towelettes
02. [4:41] My Name Is B.E.C.K.Y (Disko Warp Extended Mix) / Becky
03. [4:37] Yuri the Only One for Me (Disko Warp Yurimix Extended Version) / Leet Street Boys
04. [3:37] Hej Sokoly / Half Polish
05. [5:35] Text Me Too Much (Honmax Remix) / Lucky Princess
06. [5:03] Gays Gays Gays (Speedisko Edit) / Foxxie
07. [4:03] My Love Is Nineteen (Speedisko Edit) / Cougar
08. [3:58] Disco Gino (Disko Warp “Don’t Touch My Moustache” Remix) (feat. Disco Gino) / J-Mi & Midi-D

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