SCL Project – Last Color – Pre-release Info

Last Color
Artist: SCL Project (natsuP) feat. VanaN’Ice (Camui Gackpo, Kaito, Kagamine Len)
Release Date: 3/21/12
Price: 1905 yen

The last album from SCL Project feat. VanaN’Ice (composed of Camui Gackpo, Kaito, Kagamine Len).

01. Manako
02. Loveless×××
03. Le rouge est amour
04. Haitoku no Kioku ~The Lost Memory~
05. Dark Side of the Moon
06. Tears Rain
07. 13943 Goushitsu
08. Arrest Rose
09. Sakura Mai Chiri Nuu Rei
10. Last Letter
11. Escape
12. Eternal Song
Bonus Tracks
13. Imitation Black
14. Fate:Rebirth
15. Satsu Tsuki Hana
16. Loveless -piano ver-

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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