I Love Disko Warp ~ Singles Collection Vol. 4 – Digital Downloads

I Love Disko Warp ~ Singles Collection Vol. 4
Release Date: 2/15/12
Price: Name Your Price

Fourth release in the I Love Disko Warp series, which collects Disko Warp’s hit singles. It’s available exclusively at Bandcamp for whatever price you want to pay. Don’t miss out on “Space Space Shooter” or the Ricardo Autobahn remix of “I Wanna Be a Ninja.”

01. [4:59] Jump Around (Speedisko Version) / Becky
02. [3:38] Space Space Shooter (Disko Warp Brand New Remix) / Kick & Punch
03. [4:17] I Love You Goodbye (Disko Warp Speedy Mix)
04. [3:44] Coffee & Cream / Aulette
05. [5:04] I Wanna Be a Ninja (Ricardo Autobahn Remix) / Becky
06. [4:04] My Life Is So Crazy / Initial P
07. [3:50] One Two Three (You Love Me) / Lydia Nurbs
08. [6:04] Text Me Too Much (Disko Warp Extended Mix) / Lucky Princess
09. [4:24] Erotic Chemistry / Vandalet
10. [5:22] Werewolf Boyfriend (Extended Mix) / Fright Ranger

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