Utattemita Anison – Final Release Info

Utattemita Anison
Release Date: 3/7/12 ? 3/21/12
Price: 1905 yen

Uggh, based on the producers of each track it doesn’t look like there’ll be any new arrangements, much less any new songs. The first 8 tracks appear to be taken straight from Anim80s, while the remaining tracks are from previous AKBK eurobeat albums. Very disappointing. It’s also odd that they’re not branding either Utattemita release as part of the Dancemania series. The only bright side is that some of the Anim80s repeats will get longer edits.

The album will be available on Amazon Japan’s download service as well as others, but the digital version is a non-stop mix like the CD.

For those wondering, “Nazo no Jinbutsu K” is better known to Hime Trance fans as Kei. It’s just the pseudonym she uses for singing on Nico Nico.

01. [3:24] Sobakasu / Priko (danceBeyond)
02. [2:50] Yuzurenai Negai / Hanatan (danceBeyond)
03. [3:10] Lupin Sansei no Theme / Kouhey (danceBeyond)
04. [2:42] Cat’s Eye / Usa (danceBeyond)
05. [3:51] Tonari no Totoro / Usa (danceBeyond)
06. [2:05] Moonlight Densetsu / Nazo no Jinbutsu K (danceBeyond)
07. [4:14] Orange Mystery / yonji (danceBeyond)
08. [4:54] Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai / Yamadan (DJ Command)
09. [3:27] Mazinger Z / Kouhey (DJ Command)
10. [4:00] Sorairo Days / Hanatan (valle blanco)
11. [4:02] Keikenchi Joushouchuu* / Ayumi Nomiya (DJ Command)
12. [4:13] Ai ga Hitoribocchi / Yuge (DJ Command)
13. [3:47] Makafushigi Adventure! / Yamadan (Tks)
14. [3:16] Che! Che! Che! / Ayumi Nomiya (valle blanco)
15. [4:07] Touch / Hanatan (Tks)
16. [2:51] Uchuu Senkan Yamato / Nodoame (DJ Command)
17. [2:58] Ai wo Torimodose / Kouhey (DJ Command)
18. [3:51] Ashita e no Toushi / Yuge (2bad)
19. [4:14] Hare Hare Yukai / Korosuke (DJ Command)
20. [4:18] Saikyou Pare Parade / Korosuke (valle blanco)

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