SQ Chips 2 – Pre-release Info

SQ Chips 2
Release Date: 7/25/12
Price: 1800 yen

Who knew that one of last year’s best dance albums would be a chiptune album from Square Enix? Almost a year later, Square-Enix will release SQ Chips 2, once again bringing together some of Japan’s top talent to produce chiptune versions of classic themes from Squaresoft games. Artists like DJ OMKT, Sexy-Synthesizer, and Hige Driver take on even more Squaresoft classics, including themes from Xenogears, Chrono Cross and Live a Live. And although they aren’t explicitly mentioned on the early track list, the teaser website suggests it’ll also have songs from Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIII. No FF VI love this time? 🙁

Visit the official website for samples.

01. Final Fantasy “Main Theme” / YMCK
02. Parasite Eve “Primal Eyes” / Hige Driver
03. Final Fantasy Tactics “P.R. Movie” / Sexy-Synthesizer
04. Tobal No.1 “Hills of Jugon” / BokkadencI
05. Seiken Densetsu Legend of Mana “Hometown Domina” / Smiler
06. Vagrant Story “Grayland Jiken Climax” / Noreason
07. Chrono Cross “Hoshi o Nusunda Shoujo” ~ “Yume no Kakera” Medley / Monaca
08. Final Fantasy V “Big Bridge no Shitou” / DJ OMKT
09. Live a Live “Live for Live” / DJ OMKT
10. Dissidia Final Fantasy “Mamoru Beki Chitsujo” / hally
11. Xenogears “Hishou” / Kay
12. Bahamut Lagoon “Chuu Boss Battle” / Kplecraft

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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