Disco Gino – Don Gino EP – Digital Downloads

Don Gino – EP
Artist: Disco Gino
Price: $3.96

The latest track from J-Mi and Midi-D is a sequel to “Disco Gino” which, oddly enough, hasn’t seen a single release outside of the Disko Warp remix. I was afraid that the Disco Gino gimmick would wear thin, but exploiting a different Italian stereotype this time was a good call. The J-Mi & Midi-D remix in particular is highly recommended. That said, the best Pizza-related song still goes to “Kochira Mona Pizza.”

And I know it’s supposed to be a mafioso hat on the cover, but I keep seeing either an elf or an orc. o_O

01. [3:19] Don Gino
02. [5:13] Don Gino (Extended Mix)
03. [3:19] Don Gino (Karaoke Version)
04. [3:35] Don Gino (J-Mi & Midi-D Remix)

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