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Less Than Three 2012 Remixes (Single)
Artist: Becky
Release Date: 5/5/12
Price: Name Your Price

In celebration of Disko Warps’s 7th birthday, Disko Warp recently released 7 new remixes of their first-ever release, “Less Than Three.” Available exclusively at Bandcamp. As always for their Bandcamp releases, it’s pay what you want! Eurobeat fans will definitely want to check out the Sugano and Odyssey remixes, as well as the J-Euro remix by DJ Skyblue.

01. [5:32] Less Than Three (Disko Warp Birthday Attack)
02. [4:52] Less Than Three (James Rize Remix)
03. [3:06] Less Than Three (Sugano Remix)
04. [4:29] Less Than Three (Odyssey Log-In Remix)
05. [2:29] Less Than Three (Twink Toy Joy Mix)
06. [3:53] Less Than Three (Shrubbery Remix)
07. [2:44] Less Than Three (DJ Skyblue Re-Edit)

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