Gossip Party! “X.O.X.O. -Stylish Celeb’s Mix-” – Final Release Info

Gossip Party! “X.O.X.O. -Stylish Celeb’s Mix-” mixed by DJ Licca
Release Date: 10/3/12
Price: 1886 yen

The Gossip Party! series continues with more songs licensed from Power Music. Also available digitally on iTunes Japan.

01. Intro
02. Call Me Maybe (CPR Remix)/ Paulette
03. Blow Me -One Last Kiss- (CPR Remix) / Anya Tru
04. Good Time (CPR Remix) / DB Sound & Paulette
05. Good Girl (CPR Remix) / Fringe
06. Whistle (DJ Shocker Remix) / DJ Shocker feat. d’Macy
07. A** Back Home -Get Yourself Back Home- (CPR Remix) / Chani feat. Paulette
08. We Are Young (DJ Shocker Remix) / DJ Shocker feat. Dr. Pack
09. Tonight Tonight (RokCity Remix) / Hawk Eye
10. What Makes You Beautiful (HumanJive Remix) / Junior Torrey
11. Back in Time (DJ Shocker Remix) / DJ Shocker feat. Chani
12. Hangover (DJ Shocker Remix) / G.G. feat. Chani
13. Turn Up the Music (DJ Shocker Remix) / Junior Torrey
14. Boyfriend (Stereothief Remix) / Stereothief feat.Junior Torrey
15. Live My Life (DJ Shocker Remix) / DJ Shocker feat. Chani & Junior Torrey
16. Where Have You Been (Stereothief Remix) / Stereothief feat. Paulette
17. Give Me All Your Luvin’ (DJ Shocker Remix) / Tara Glow
18. Sorry for Party Rocking (DJ Shocker Remix) / DJ Shocker feat. G.G.
19. We Run the Night (Stereothief Remix) / Stereothief feat. Paulette & Chani
20. Wild Ones (Power Principle Remix) / Chani feat. Starlet
21. Talk That Talk (HumanJive Remix) / Paulette feat. Chani
22. Want U Back (HumanJive Remix) / Fringe
23. Dance Again (DJ Shocker Remix) / DJ Shocker feat. Paulette & Chani
24. Give Me Everything (DJ Shocker Remix) / DJ Shocker feat. Junior Torrey & Chani
25. I’m All Yours (HumnJive Remix) / Junior Torrey feat. Chani
26. Glad You Came (Stereothief Remix) / Stereothief feat. Julian Marshall
27. One Thing (HumanJive Remix) / Junior Torrey
28. Payphone (HumanJive Remix) / Julian Marshall feat. Chani
29. Best Thing I Never Had (CPR Remix) / Paulette
30. Take Care (DJ Shocker Remix) / G.G. feat. Paulette
31. Lights (Stereothief Remix) / Stereothief feat. Paulette

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