Ayane – Hyper Dance Remix ~Ayane~ – Pre-release Info

Hyper Dance Remix ~Ayane~
Artist: Ayane
Release Date: 12/26/12
Price: 2800 yen

New album from Ayane. This serves as a spiritual successor to the Hyper Moe Trance series, and will feature dance remixes of anime and video game themes. A shame they didn’t just call it Hyper Moe Trance III, but I guess trance just doesn’t have the selling power it used to.

01. Cry out
02. Crest of Knights
03. Gravity Error
04. Arrival of Tears
05. Juujika ni Sasagu Nanae Ensou
06. Angelic bright
07. Fullmoon Rhapsody
08. After Rain
09. Ano Sora no Hate Made
10. New Breeze

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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