Exit Tunes presents Storytellers RPG – Final Release Info

Exit Tunes presents Storytellers RPG
Release Date: 11/7/12
Price: 1905 yen

A new series from Exit Tunes. Originally titled “Exit Tunes presents Concept Beat” and then “Exit Tunes presents Social Network Music ~Concept #01: RPG~,” it looks like Quake have finally settled on a name. It seems that it’ll be a concept album with each of the arrangers composing a traditional RPG theme, resulting in an OST of sorts. Bonus items include a cell phone strap, clear file, and B2-sized poster. Retailer-exclusive bonuses range from bromides to can badges and clear files. Visit the official Storytellers website for samples and more 8-bit RPG fun.

01. [3:32] sleipnir -sleipnir- / Harry (Harry P) (Theme: Tabidachi Tenba)
02. [4:22] Hikoukai Nisshi / Mikito P (Theme: Koukai)
03. [4:27] Imaginary Like the Justice / Nanahoshi Kangen Gakudan (Theme: Yuusha)
04. [4:03] Toorisugari no Dareka / 164 (Theme: Sago Chara)
05. [4:11] Shindeshimau to wa Nasakenai! / Jesus (Wonderful*Opportunity!) (Theme: Ou to Heishi)
06. [3:12] Jirokichi / Tsunamaru (Theme: Touzoku)
07. [5:03] Hope in the shroud / Chou Chou P (Theme: Toraware no Hime)
08. [4:05] Dance with enemy / Teniwoha (Theme: Battle)
09. [4:08] R.P.L. / YM (Theme: Level Up)
10. [3:23] One Night Fairytale / Faye P (Theme: Yousei no Mori)
11. [5:02] Kodoku no Partiment / Yuzuhiko (Theme: Ginyuushijin)
12. [3:44] Immoral Actress / Yucha P (Theme: Ecchi na Shitagi)
13. [3:19] Fukanzen Normalist / PolyphonicBranch (Theme: Erabarenakatta Mono)
14. [5:58] Svartalfheim / Deadball P (Theme: Last Boss)
15. [5:48] Kimi Shinitamou Koto Nakare / LeftyMonster P (Theme: End Roll)

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