Disko Warp presents Hardcore Advance – Pre-release Info

Disko Warp presents Hardcore Advance ~Nonstop Hardcore × Hyper Techno~
Release Date: 2/2013
Price: ???

Update (1/1/13): Only a few hours left! The final stretch goal is in sight, so if you’re interested in the bonus CD now’s your chance!

Update (12/7/12): Stretch goals have been added. I should also clarify that technically the nonstop mix is only available at the $15+ level. Pledging at the $10 gets you digital extended versions only. Any chance that a digital version of the non-stop mix could be added? 😀

Disko Warp’s latest release will be a non-stop mix CD in the vein of Dancemania Speed. And just like Dancemania these days, it’s all repeats! Kidding aside, there are actually 4 new songs, including a 2013 update of “Lolitabot.” That explains Lolitabot’s appearance on the cover art, illustrated once again by Chevi. Other new tracks include remixes by Francisco Gaitan and J-Mi & Midi-D, plus a new Initial P production. The rest of the track list includes some of Disko Warp’s biggest hits, as well as remixes by DJ Command, Honmax, and others.

Right now the album is only scheduled to be available as a digital download or physical CD if you donate to the Kickstarter campaign. The snazzy Disko Warp-emblazoned flasks were all snatched up, but there’s still plenty of time to get a copy of the CD or other Disko Warp goodies. The campaign reached its fundraising goal within 24 hours, but Pete’s cooking up some ideas for stretch goals.

01. Lolitabot 2013 / Initial P feat. Lolitabot
02. Space Space Shooter (Cusimo & Co. Remix) / Kick & Punch
03. Light My Gasoline (Initial P Hardcore Remix) / Initial P feat. Laura Chick
04. Less Than Three (James Rize Remix) / Becky
05. I Wanna Be a Ninja (Francisco Gaitan Remix) / Becky
06. Me or Susan? / Initial P feat. J-Mi
07. Don’t Don’t Go Away (Hardcore Saves the World Remix) / Foxxie
08. UFO Catcher / Initial P
09. Don’t Have My Baby (Chris Jay Remix) / Peroxide Mocha
10. Kiss U-Kiss Me / Initial P feat. Laura Chick
11. Erotic Chemistry (Hyper Techno Ver.) / Vandalet
12. Text Me Too Much (Honmax Remix) / Lucky Princess
13. Crazy For Your Fire (Hyper Techno Ver.) / Initial P feat. Vandalet
14. Coffee & Cream (J-Mi & Midi-D Remix) / Aulette
15. Touch Me Twice / Bonnie Maxx
16. My Name Is B.E.C.K.Y. (“Horror Line” VIP) / Becky
17. Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (JUSTiNB Remix) / Fright Ranger
18. Werewolf Boyfriend (AKBK “DJ Command” Remix) / Fright Ranger
19. I Love You Goodbye (Speedy Mix) / Sonatia

(*Sequence subject to change in final mix)

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  1. Pete Ellison Says:

    Thanks for posting 🙂 To be fair, most of those “repeats” have never been on CD before and I was surprised to learn the majority of our fans hadn’t even heard them. I don’t think most people are keeping up with our digital releases, which was basically the concept for this CD! 🙂

    I’ll be bumping up the flasks to another 10 in the limited edition due to crazy demand, and announcing some stretch goals tomorrow!

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