Juliana’s Toho Vol. 2 – Final Release Info

Juliana’s Toho Vol. 2 ~Balearic Beats Party~
Release Date: 12/30/12
Price: 1429 yen

Second release in the Juliana’s Toho series, featuring Toho music in classics early 90s hyper techno style. Released during C83. Featured artists include Elementas, DJ Command, FN2, and Sumijun.

01. Legend of Juliana’s Toho Vol. 2
02. Marisa is Back / katsu feat. Momobako
03. Icicle Bomb / Sumijun
04. Madness of your soul / Elementas feat. nene
05. Alien encounters / DJ Command
06. Enapetal 1993 / FN2
07. Till the world ends / FN2 feat. Hanatan
08. Unknown destination / katsu feat. 3L
09. Unlimited Repetition / Sumijun feat. Nachi Sakaue

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